The Owners*PLEASE NOTE: Kandace Willson is no longer taking new patients, and Michelle Morrison is unable to take new patients after 3pm, or anytime in November and December.

Kandace lives in Langley where she enjoys many outdoor activities. Kandace loves weight training, running ultra trail marathons, and has recently taken up swimming to train for an Ironman. Kandace has built her practice with a combination of athletes, pregnancy patients, post-breast cancer patients, office workers and outdoor enthusiasts, plus everyone in between. She has seen the value of exercise in her own life, and knows that being active is the key to achieving health and vitality. She believes that humans are meant to be physically active and should be able to move in their day-to-day lives pain free. Pain comes from imbalances in the body, and a large part of Kandace’s treatment comes from identifying the main problem, decreasing the restrictions of soft tissue and creating a rehabilitative program that includes stretching and strengthening to further the results achieved in your massage therapy session.

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Michelle and her Puggle, Deaca, live in White Rock where they enjoy going to the beach almost daily during the summer. Michelle grew up playing baseball, ringette, and hockey. She attended the BC Winter Games, the Canada Winter Games, the Canadian Baseball Nationals, and the Canadian Ringette Nationals. As a result, she was fascinated by the body and how it worked. From a young age she decided that she would pursue massage therapy as a career. Michelle’s therapeutic focus is primarily deep tissue massage. She also utilizes trigger point therapy, scar tissue therapy, and TMJ therapy. Michelle sees a large variety of patients, and has built an excellent relationship with several physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, and dentists in the area.

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